Saturday, April 21, 2007

TPFKA Update from Bill Kinnon

Over at "achievable ends," Bill Kinnon provides an update of THE PEOPLE FORMERLY KNOWN AS series. It is the April 20, 2007 entry.

The TPFKA virtual conversation is expanding. The church as "institution" is sick. People are willing to voice the symptoms of the sickness. They are longing for a healthy reality that participates in Jesus' vision of "church," and that vision is not only emerging, it is being lived "outside the four walls" of status quo church.



At 4/22/2007 6:04 AM, Blogger kent said...

I wonder when the church hasn't been sick? I am not excusing anything that is going on now, but I wonder if our abilities concerning information and the levels our expectations haven't amped up the issue?

And haven't we been our own worst enemy? We have wanted the church to be more so we added this staff person and that minsitry and we have strvied for excellence. We wanted to reach our neighbors for Christ so we looked around and decided that market research was pretty effective and we added that and changed the music so we could be attractive for those around us. And weren't we successful.

But then we saw that we were missing too much with this and we are now walking away because it is not what we expected or wanted and we are now looking for something, not sure what but different.

I guess I wonder what happens when the emergent church is discovered to disappoint our expectations, that it is not what we are looking for. Or when the gathering at the coffee shop falls short or whatever it will be, and make no mistake it will be - what will happen next.

What happens when the church is not "more", it just is what it is - a gathering of redeemed and fairly messed up people striving to follow Jesus. I do not have answers just questions.

At 4/22/2007 11:36 AM, Blogger John Frye said...

great closing question: "What happens when the church is not 'more', it just is what it is a gathering of redeemed and fairly messed up people striving to follow Jesus?" If I understand it, that is the emerging question. Emerging is not a "form" of church like Purpose Driven or seeker-sensitive or organ/piano and hymns or mini-Bible college, etc.

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