Saturday, May 20, 2006

The "Duh!" Vinci Code

Thank you, Ron Howard! I, for one, am glad that your movie, The "Duh!" Vinci Code is finally in the theaters.

"Why?" you ask?

Because The "Duh!" Vinci Code movie will neutralize any impact that Dan Brown's novel, The Da Vinci Code, has had on people's thinking about Jesus Christ and Christianity.

What seemed to flow in good, logical sequence in the book gets confusingly jumbled up in the movie.

By now you know "the gospel according to Dan Brown." Jesus Christ was not divine; he married Mary Magdalene and had sangreal children. Constantine, that pagan Roman emperor, convened a council and declared Jesus divine and picked and chose the politically correct gospels. The "real" gospels, the ones that reported Jesus as only human, were suppressed. The "sacred feminine" was forced underground.

Books allow for our own vibrant imaginations to work. I could hardly put the novel down. Movies create all the...yawn...visuals for us. I could hardly endure the meager pace of the movie. (I did like the site-seeing the movie allowed me.)

I'm not quite sure that Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou really wanted to play their characters in The "Duh" Vinci Code. Was there some long-forgotten, latent Judeo-Christian value haunting and muting their otherwise good acting skills? On the other hand, Sir Ian McKellen as Teabing was very good. "Silas" was Ron Howard's flimsy tribute to Mel Gibson's The Passion torture scenes.

If The "Duh!" Vinci Code causes any serious Christian to lapse in faith, then I say, pshaw! on the faith they received and on those from whom they received it. Once again, we Christians have created a tempest in a teapot. Goody, goody for us.

I think our own American brand of McChristianity is more of a threat to the faith than The "Duh!" Vinci Code. But, hey, that's just me.


At 5/20/2006 3:42 PM, Blogger Samuel Linde said...

Good summary, John. :-) I haven't seen the movie (yet), but reading the book made me draw the same conclusions as you did in the end – I can't imagine Christians losing their faith because of this story. Unless it's McChristians, as you say...
Anyway, one issue that some other bloggers have written about is why this watered-down version of Jesus seems to attract some people. It must be because of the church, I guess.
Have we de-emphasized Jesus' humanity? Have we thrown out the mystical from our churches? Those questions are worth pondering, I guess.

At 5/20/2006 7:35 PM, Blogger John Frye said...

I agree. Scot McKnight I think raised the question, why has a novel (and now movie) with such a bogus message captured the imaginations of so many? Why do people *want* to believe The Da Vinci Code is true? These are questions worth pondering. BTW, my wife who had not read the book, liked the movie more than I did. For me, the novel was so much better.

At 5/21/2006 4:09 AM, Blogger Susan said...

I just clicked on a link from someone else's blog and it WORKED! You're back!!!

praising God,

btw See my blog for a link to a funny parody on the Code...

At 5/21/2006 6:27 PM, Blogger pastor mike said...

if someone goes to see the movie but hasn't read the book, they will wonder what the fuss is about. the movie at least acknowledges that they are dealing with myth / legend - it still doesn't make for a very good movie. I saw it yesterday... I though it was pretty blah.

At 5/22/2006 9:58 AM, Blogger Ted Gossard said...

Our daughter would like to go (last time she spoke of it). So we'll probably go to a matinee of it. I am not looking forward to it, to be honest. And I agree, that the Christian response in some quarters is overblown. That surely some good can come out of people really exploring further for themselves. And us there to help them, as opportunity comes.

But your point about looking at ourselves is maybe what's most important in this. We should try to read what is being said between the lines of the novel/film.

At 5/22/2006 10:38 AM, Blogger John Frye said...

It's good to be back blogging. Also, I added the link about The Norman Rockwell Code. What a hoot!

Mike, the reviews have been poor and some of my friends were also disappointed, especially if they had read the novel. The movie is blah compared to the book.

I think the movie is worth seeing just because of all the hoopla about it. But in terms of being a "great movie," not a chance in my opinion.

At 5/26/2006 8:48 AM, Blogger Maksim V. Rakovich said...

Man, let's say Jesus did have kids... I do not know about you but it makes me to esteem him even more - that would mean that we really were wrong when made something dirty out of God's idea of sex and that leally means that He was fully human and knows exactly what it means to be a man. Does it impede or question His diety? Does it really puts the Son of God in to sin? I have not read the book but the idea itself sounds no more sinister than the incartation of Christ when God desided to identify Himself with humanity in all its "Prime".

At 5/30/2006 2:29 PM, Blogger John Frye said...


You are really skating out on the very thin ice, my good Ukrainian friend. I don't think we need Jesus to be married with kids to reclaim sex as a beautiful gift from God away from those who think sex is dirty and needs to be hidden or hushed. Hypothetically, is there anything about marriage in itself that would contaminate Jesus' deity? I'll have to think about that.

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