Monday, June 26, 2006



If you have watched the movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks, then you know the 'character' Wilson. Hanks plays a FedEx executive, Chuck Noland, who gets stranded alone on an isolated South Pacific island for four years. He learns to survive and one of his survival mechanisms is his imaginary friend Wilson--a soccer ball.

Some of the most humorous moments in the movie are conversations "Chuck" has with "Wilson." One of the funniest is when the Hanks character is making some rope out of vines and he suddenly turns to Wilson with a quizzical expression saying, "What?! What did you say? (pause) You just won't let it go, will you?"

Julie and I think that our Bee Balm plant has flowers that resemble Wilson. We call them our "Wilson!" blooms (said with urgency--"Wil-SON!" If you've seen the movie you know the urgency intended).

You may be wondering: does John have imaginary conversations with his "Wilson" flowers? That, my friend, is a mystery submerged in the deep waters of my soul. . . . . .

[some time later on the Frye deck]

"Hey, Wilson, I wrote a blog post about you. Do you want me to read it to you?"

"You don't? Why's that?"

"Get out of town. You're shy? I didn't know you were shy. What are you shy about?"

"Oh, the hair. ---Yeah, I understand. Really. I understand."


At 6/27/2006 6:58 AM, Anonymous Susan said...

...Wilson's sister Wanda is one of my best friends! Small world ; )

At 6/27/2006 8:00 AM, Blogger John Frye said...


Thanks for introducing me to Wanda. Wilson's been reluctant to talk about his family.

At 6/27/2006 12:48 PM, Blogger One Sided said...

come and visit I am

At 6/28/2006 8:52 AM, Blogger Zeeko Jr. said...

Deb and I were in your neighborhood the other evening, on a bike ride. I wanted to stop in to say hi, and to check out your magical backyard, but we were on a tight schedule. But I will stop by soon. Must check out that Wil-SON bloom, and all the rest of your flora fireworks.

Love the posts. They're a great distraction for me during my hectic workdays.


At 6/28/2006 1:10 PM, Blogger John Frye said...

You and Deb stop in and wander in the beauty of the lilies and bee balm.

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